Hurley Phantom Hyperweave | Best Boardshort Reviews


Some time has passed since Hurley released its most revolutionary boardshort ever in April of 2016, the Phantom Hyperweave. If you haven’t seen a pair, check em’ out, they are epic. Before purchasing a pair for myself, I had a lot of questions about this product and figured you might also so I made a review video on the topic.



The waistband is the most unique aspect of the hyperweave boardshort. The construction is a blend of woven fabric and Nike flywire tech. Originally, I thought the wires running through the waistband were intended to cynch down when tightened. However, the flywires actually add a level of rigidity to this otherwise incredibly pliable and forgiving waistband.

How do they Ride?

Surfing in these feels great! It feels as though you aren’t even wearing boardshorts. I also really like the fact that I can casually wear these without tying the laces. I have no worries about the laces opening up. One interesting aspect is that they balloon slightly when you duck dive. In other words, you can feel the shorts pulling away from your body when the force of the wave is moving against you. This has never been an issue for me, but just plain feels different. I also believe this is a great example of why you want to make sure you choose the right size. Also the hyperweave waist band does pick or snag on rough/ sharp surfaces. Its pretty rare that this happens, jut be careful to avoit touching the rough side of Velcro or skateboard grip tape.


  • Overall score: 9/10 I love these boardshorts. These shorts are lie on the crossroads of fashion and function.
  • Fabric: 9/10 – Hurley’s Phantom fabric is lightweight, dries very quickly, is very durable, and comfortable. The only reason this isn’t a 10/10 is because there are some even softer fabrics on the market.
  • Weight: 10/10- These are the lightest boardshorts I have ever owned: 5.4 ounces.
  • Waistband: 10/10 – The Hyperweave boardshort is incredibly technical. They slide on like gym shorts and feel as if you are wearing nothing. The best part is you don’t even have to tie the laces, which makes you look like a total badass. I mean, who ties their shorts now adays?!
  • Pocket: 8/10- My pair has a back pocket with a Velcro closure. Pick one with a side zipper pocket instead if you can.
  • Fly: 10/10-There is not fly!
  • Cling Factor: 5/5 -These will show off your package, there is no doubt about it. If this concerns you, choose a dark colorway like black, or dark blue. Or grab some Hurley Compression Shorts. Or bring some duct tape with you to the beach party and take necessary precautions…
  • Rash Factor: 10/10 -It is very unlikely that these would give you a rash. Praise the surf gods!
  • Style: 10/10. Women will be clawing at you, even if they have no idea why.
  • Size: Be sure to try these on: I always purchased size 31 or 32 previous to wearing the phantom hyperweave. However, It was clear to see that a size 30 may be a better choice for me here. This is because the hyperweave construction is more forgiving and stretchy than a typical waist band. Now, I buy all of my boardshorts in size 30.
  • Value for Money: These boardshorts were $100 when they first came out. If you have the extra coin, then go for it. The comfort far exceeds any boardshort with a common fly construction. Hurley phantom fabric has always proven to durable in the long term from my experience.

Styles similar to the Hurley Phantom Hyperweave:

Since the original release, Hurley has begun to offer a handful of different colors and price points with the hyperweave waist band. In essence, these are all pretty much the same material, shape, and waistband with a mixture of add-ons such as: Taped seams, various leg lengths, and pocket orientations.Here is a list of current styles that would be similar: Hurley Phantom Block Party Hyperweave Speed Elite, Hurley Phantom Hyperweave ‘Flow’, Hurley Phantom Hyperweave ‘Flow’ Elite, Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Block Party Code, Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Block Party Code Elite, Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Elite, etc.

Now go get a pair!


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