Best Hat for Surfing Review | How to Surf with a Hat.

Hey Shred Pals,

Call me crazy, but I love wearing hats when I surf. In general, my head tends to sun burn easily, and I personally like the extra shade. You may be wondering what is the best hat for surfing?

Looking for the video review? Click here!

Nike SB Hat Review
The best hat for surfing is your favorite hat to wear! Here is what you should be looking for when choosing a normal baseball cap for surfing:


  • Light weight technical fabrics such as 100% Nylon or 100% Polyester.
  • Avoid cotton and heavy fabrics that will retain water and become heavy when wet.
  • Snap backs work best. You need adjustable sizing that can be changed on the fly when you are in the water.
  • Drainage: hatswith mesh or holes are optimal for quick drainage.

My personal favorite hat for surfing is a 100% Polyester Nike SB Performance DriFit SnapBack baseball cap. I have had the black and grey one for over a year and I love it.

NIke SB Hat Surfing Hat


Surfing with a baseball cap is easy, here is how to do it:

  • Skill Level: You want to be fairly well versed in surfing to try this. Sorry noobs.
  • Fit: You want to slightly over-tighten your hat before paddling out. Don’t worry it will loosen up once you get out.
  • Paddle out: Wear your cap backwards on the paddle out. This is optimal for duck-diving under waves. Note, I would not suggest this for really aggressive surf where you are duck-diving under thick/ heavy sets.
  • Waiting Outside:¬†Once you are outside feel free to adjust you cap if it needs to be any tighter. You can also turn it forward if so desired. Sometimes it is a benefit to flip it backwards when a wave is approaching but that depends on how quickly you see the wave. This quick switch takes less than a moment.
  • Wipeouts: In general, my first reaction when wiping out is to curl up into a ball, putting my hands on my head and forearms in front of my face. I was taught this at a young age to protect myself from being hit by the board under water. If you do this you stay safe and prevent your hat from separating from your noggin.
  • Lost hat: if you lost your hat stay calm and you’ll probably find it pretty quickly. Or just take the walk of shame back to shore while everyone laughs at the kook that just lost his hat. You’ll probably find it on the beach in a short amount of time ha-ha.

For real though I’ve lost maybe 1 hat doing this. It’s pretty easy to keep on your head it you follow the above mentioned rules.

If you can’t handle this level of awesome, there are hats with straps on the market. Or just grab a swim cap. I’m sure the chicks will dig it…

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Nike SB Hat Surfing Review

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