Vuori Equator Boardshort | Best Boardshor Review 

The times are changing in the world of boardshorts with unique new brands like Vuori releasing multi-functional modern-day trunks. I love to surf, but I actually spend much more time in the gym than in the water, so I love baggies that can do it all.

Vuori caught my attention back in 2016 and I finally have a few pairs to test out. Below is my review of Vuori’s Equator boardshort.

Here is a link for the Vuori Equator video review.

Vuori’s primary focus is activewear for yoga, the gym, etc with a backbone for surfing. They have tons of unique styles and fabric blends to choos from. I chose the Equator because it is labeled in the “Boardshort” category of their website and it looked to have all the features that I want in a multifunctional Boardshort: stretch fabric, multiple pockets, hang loop, no Velcro, and an elegant design. The big question I had was “can they do it all?”


These boardshorts perform best in the surfing environment. They fit like most standard fixed-waist boardshorts and feature more pockets than you could ask for. This makes them a great around-town short too. These are also very light weight (6.1 ounces).


If you like wearing fixed-waist boardshorts in the gym (or at yoga), then you will love the Equator short. Personally, I have never been much of a fan of wearing fixed-waist boardshorts in the gym simply because they don’t have much give for squat maneuvers. However, these definitely get the job done and exceed my expectations. If you are looking for something more gym appropriate, then choose Vuoris Banks boardshort.


  • There are pockets for days with two side pockets, one back zipper pocket, and a small credit card pocket.
  • Further, the little side zipper pocket is epic.
  • The printed artwork is really cool and different.
  • These are Eco-friendlier boardshorts. Thanks Captain Planet.
  • You can literally wear them anywhere, surfing, lounging, at the gym, around town, the list goes on and on!

Vuori Equator Stretch Review pockets


  • These are a fixed waist boardshort and they are not adjustable. So, be sure to get the right size.
  • You must tie the laces to keep these britches on.
  • The end caps on the laces are metal, making them heavy. This isnt a big deal, but it does cause them to bounce around when you are on the run. Or for example, doing jump rope routines.
  • These boardshorts lean more toward a surfing boarshort, and are acceptable to use in the gym. If you are looking for a gym specific short check out other VUORI styles such the BANKS.
  • Crossfitters/ athletes that love wearing boardshorts will absolutely love these.

Vuori Equator Stretch Review smileSHRED SCORES

  • Overall Score: 9/10- I think these are an excellent hybrid boardshort. You will love these if you love traditional mock-fly boardshorts
  • Fabric: 8/10- The fabric is 44% recycled Polyester, 44% Polyester, and 12% Spandex, which is really cool, but I wish it had slightly more stretch for gym use. Especially in the waistband.
  • Weight: 9/10- My pair is size 30 and weighs 6.1 ounces. This is impressive considering the number of pockets here.
  • Waistband: 10/10- The fixed waistband is comfortable and very detailed.
  • Pocket: 10/10- There are so many pockets (4 total)!
  • Fly: 9/10-The mock fly is very well constructed and comfortable.
  • Rash Factor: Average.
  • Cling Factor: Average.
  • Style: 10/10. Chicks dig the Azure Flower print that I have.
  • Size/ Fit: The size and fit is standard compared to other surf brands. The waist band may be a tad loose, but I would still suggest choosing your usual size. For example, I wear a 30 in most brands, and wear a 30 in these as well.
  • Value for Money: (10/10) These boardshorts only cost $69!!! Plus you can save 15% if you sign up for Vuori’s email list. Honestly, these boardshorts are a steal considering the quality of materials, construction, and design.

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