Reebok Super Nasty Shorty | Boardshort Review


I know some of you may be thinking… Hold on George, Reebok doesnt make surfing boardshorts, but just go with it…

I have been surfing since I was a teenager, working out since high school, and doing CrossFit for about two years now. Personally, I have NEVER been a huge fan of working out in boardshorts for a variety of reasons. However, being that boardshorts seem to be a part of the CrossFit culture, I figured I should give Reeboks Super Nasty Shorty boardshort a fair chance at a review.
Note: This review would also be relevant for any of the Super Nasty boardshort styles by Reebok. The only difference between the “shorty” is the length of the legs.
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  • These would perform as expected in the gym. However, I believe you will get the best range of motion from a short that features a more forgiving waist band such as the REEBOK SPEED SHORT, or KNIT FORCE.


  • Although I have never used them in the water, they offer the same features as any modern day fixed-waist surfing boardshort. These would definitely perform well in the water and dry quickly because of the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) finish. Overall, I think these would be a better surf boardshort than gym short.

Reebok Super Nasty Shorty Boardshort Review quality


  • Weight: The fabric is incredibly light weight. My pair is size 30 and the entire short only weights 4.1 ounces. This is literally the lightest boardshort I have ever owned.
  • Style: The coloring and wild style is epic.
  • Waistband: The waistband is really thin and light weight for a fixed waist boarshort. Mad props.
  • Laces: I really like the end caps on the laces. They are light weight and soft. Great for workouts or surfing.

Reebok Super Nasty Shorty Boardshort Review Band


  • Pocket: The pocket is simply too small. My iPhone 6 barely fits without a case on it. and its not even a plus size… Reebok, if you are reading this, wake up and get with the program we want shorts that can accommodate modern size phones.
  • Fly: The fabric in the fly is unfinished. It should have a fold and stitching at the top to prevent the fabric from ripping/ pulling over time.

Reebok Super Nasty Shorty Boardshort Review cut


  • Overall Score: 8/10. Overall, I was surprised with the  Super Nasty’s potential as a surfing boardshort, and less impressed with their functionality as a gym short. Its important to note that if you already love working out in normal boarshorts, then you will most likely love these. The Super Nasty Boardshort is nice, but it is just missing a few key components to make it a great pair of britches.
  • Fabric: 10/10. The fabric is very light weight, comfortable, and stretchy. Part of me thinks it is too light weight, but that is just me. Also, mad props to Reebok for using recycled polyester.
  • Weight: 10/10. My pair is size 30 and weighs 4.1 ounces. This is the lightest boardshort I have ever owned.
  • Waistband: 9/10. The waist band is well constructed, but I was expecting something more conducive to the expansion and contraction of the waist when squatting. Maybe something with a bit of give like the backing on a Lululemon El Current boardshort, which features a stretch fabric on the backside of the waist band.
  • Pocket: 5/10. Major fail, the pocket is too small. I cant fit a standard sized iphone 6! It is too bad too, cause I really like the pocket and think it is well constructed otherwise.
  • Fly: 7/10. This fly would easily be a 10/10 if they would completed the construction by folding and sewing the top of the mock fly. Most people would never notice this, but I think it shows a lack of consideration.
  • Rash Factor: Standard. Although I will say that these may be less likely to give you a rash due to the light weight factor. These are really soft and stretchy.
  • Cling Factor: 5/5. These show some serious dong action, be sure to wear compression shorts. Or, buy the Super Nasty in dark colors. Or… let your flag fly. Whatever.
  • Style: 10/10. I think these are really cool.
  • Size/ Fit: 10/10. I normally wear a size 30 in most surf brands and these fit well. However, it is important to note you want these to be higher on your hips. Be real about your waist size.
  • Value for Money: 7/10. I think these fall more into the fashion category than function for the gym. If you are looking for a way to look cool in your local box, then grab a pair. I would personally expect these to be more of a $55 boardshort aside from the decorations which are probably increasing the cost.

Reebok Super Nasty Shorty Boardshort Review fly 2

Reebok Super Nasty Shorty Boardshort Review phone

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