Vuori Banks Boardshort | Best Boardshort Review

What a time to be alive! Back in the day boardshorts were fairly simple, they covered most of your thighs, had a pocket, maybe a wax comb, and had a cool design on them. Now, they are becoming more versatile and complex making them more suitable for a wide variety of sports and every day life. Vuori’s Banks boardshort is definitely on the front line of this trend and is a very noteworthy boardshort.

Vuori caught my attention back in 2016 and I finally have a few pairs to test out. Below is my review of Vuori’s Banks boardshort.

Here is a link for the Vuori Banks video review.

Vuori - Banks Boardshort Review Waist


The Banks boardshort is actually listed in the “Shorts” section of Vuori’s website (as opposed to being listed in the “Boardshorts” section). This is our first hint that the primary function of this short is for athletic use. As a guy that spends most of his free time in the gym, or in the water, it is nice to see something that is very water appropriate but also excels in yoga classes, in weight lifting, and just general every day life.

My favorite aspect of the Banks short is the combination of the stretch fabric and the elastic waist band for Crossfit and weight lifting. These shorts stretch in every direction when doing leg movements like squats, box jumps, lunges etc. The comfort is unparalleled and I don’t feel the restrictions that I would feel while working out in a normal boardshort. The Banks boardshort is definitely a staple for any gym junkie or yoga bro.


Although the Banks boardshort leans more toward athletic use, it is a great pair of baggies for the beach too. I will most often be seen wearing these when standup paddle boarding, fishing, or just for general fun in the sun. The number of pockets make it really easy to want to wear these as often as possible. Tying the laces tight will even give you a firm enough hold to take these out for surf session on your normal shortboard or longboard. They really can do it all.


  • There are 4 pockets: two side pockets, one back zipper pocket, and a small zipper credit card pocket. Further, the little side zipper cash pocket is epic and can fit a credit card, cash, and key.
  • The camo artwork is badass in my opinion.
  • These are Eco-friendlier boardshorts. Thanks Captain Planet.
  • You can literally wear them anywhere, at the gym, in yoga, by the pool, at the beach, surfing, or even post surf session grabbing pizza on your first tinder date with new bae… wherever.
  • These have exceptional mobility and stretch for all around athletic use.


  • The end caps on the laces are metal, making them heavy. This isnt a big deal, but it does cause them to bounce around when you are on the run. Or for example, doing jump rope routines… Maybe I should stop being lazy and just tie them…
  • These boardshorts are usable for surfing, but wouldn’t be my first choice for a heavy surf session.
  • I wish there was a plain black option so that I could wear these on any day of the week.
  • The waist band is very comfortable, but made from a less water appropriate material, making them a bit heavier than one would expect.


  • Overall Score: 9/10. You will love these if you are looking for a great gym/ surf/ chill short. Or if your a surfer dad that has graduated to the retro-fish (or fun-shape) lifestyle.
  • Fabric: 9/10- The fabric is 44% recycled Polyester, 44% Polyester, and 12% Spandex. They stretch really well and seem fairly hearty.
  • Weight: 7/10- My pair is size Small and weighs 7.5 ounces. I would consider this to be on the heavier side for surf boardshorts. I believe most of this weight is coming from the waist band.
  • Waistband: 9/10 – I really like the elastic waist band and look forward to future Vuori styles like this.
  • Pockets: 10/10 – There are so many pockets! I love them.
  • Fly: 10/10 – There is no fly! That means its pretty unlikely you will get a rash in these.
  • Rash Factor: It is pretty unlikely that you will get a rash in these. Sensitive fellas will love this.
  • Cling Factor: 9/10 – These are fairly revealing without a base garment or compression short.
  • Style: 10/10. Camo bro, camo. Camo makes you invisible in nature. Its lit! Although I wish the fit was a hair slimmer in the legs. Then again, I have chicken legs…
  • Size/ Fit: I usually wear a 30 and like my size S. I would consider this as standard.
  • Value for Money: 10/10. I really think you are getting a great bang for your buck with Vuori Banks short.

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