Hippostick AL Pro SUP Paddle Review

I have had my Hippostick AL Pro paddle for nearly 3 years now and I still love it! This 100% carbon fiber paddle is a work of art. It is not uncommon to see minor defects in carbon fiber constructions, but these paddles are pristine. This was recomended to me by the Paddleboard House of Indialantic FL as the “best SUP paddle on the market” and I would have to agree.

Want to watch the Video Review? Click here.

Hippostick straight


  • Lightweight: This paddle is incredibly light weight.
  • Durability: I have had mine since August of 2015 and I could probably sell it on eBay as “like new.” Granted I would consider myself as a moderate user.
  • Grip: This paddle features a soft matte finish providing excellent grip. Just be sure to clean any sunscreen off of your hands before going out to shred.
  • Responsive: This paddle is incredibly responsive and rigid.
  • Customizable fixed Length: the AL Pro is a fixed length paddle that can be custom cut to your desired length. This offers the ultimate responsiveness for this paddle.


I purchased my AL Pro Sup paddle from Paddleboard House in Indialantic FL (also known as The Longboard House). They also customized the length for me, I would suggest having Pros like them do this for you as well.



as mentioned this model is not adjustable. If you are a beginner you may want to consider getting something a bit more forgiving such as the adjustable AL Pro.
Check the sizing charts on Hipposticks official website. I purchased a 8.5″ wide blade for my first Hippostick which was more than enough. This hasn’t negatively affected my performance, but this is a big investment so be sure to choose the best fit for you.

Hippostick Al Pro Height


Desired lengths vary depending on where you plan to paddle.
How to size your SUP paddle (basics):

  • Flat water: stand upright and point one hand to the sky. Measure the distance from the ground to the crease between your wrist and base of the hand.
  • Ocean SUP surfing: the general rule of thumb is to have this right at head – eye level.
  • Warning ⚠️ start long if you are custom cutting your paddle. You can always make it shorter later down the line.


  • My Height: 5′ 7″ (67″ inches)
  • My weight: 150-ish lbs.
  • Paddle length: roughly 76″ inches tip to tip.


  • Overall Score: 10/10.  I love this paddle. It is wayyyyyyy too expensive, but it is great. It has been working great for me for me!
  • Quality of Construction: 10/10. This thing looks like it was made to a Formula 1 Race car standard.
  • Firmness: 10/10. It is very rigid and responsive.
  • Grip: 10/10. The soft finish provides plenty of natural grip.
  • Handle Shape: 10/10. I believe the handle shape is very natural and comfortable.
  • Value for Money: 7/10. They quality of the product is great, but it would be nice if they could bring the price down.

Future Hopes: I really hope they figure out how to make colored Texalium paddles. that would be wild!

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