Looking for the most cutting edge boardshorts ever made? Then look no further than the Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Motion Stripe Elite boardshort. These trunks are designed to be as light as possible while offering the widest range of motion. On top of that, they look amazing. Below is my review for these epic baggies.

Hurley Hyperweave Motion Stripe Elite Review Cloearly

Here is my video review for this product as well: Click Here.


The Hyperweave Motion’s offer a wider range of movement than most boardshorts due to the stretchy black side panels. It is important to note that this material is different from the rest of the boardshort. The body of the boardshort is 86% recycled polyester/14% spandex, but the black side panels are a different material.

I believe the side panels are the same (or a similar material) as that used for the Phantom Compression shorts which is 80% nylon/20%spandex. Whatever it is, it makes these boardshorts stretch like no other while also offering a very tailored and slim fit. This makes these incredibly comfortable. However, this isn’t an incredibly new or unique concept. We have seen similar offerings in boardshorts such as O’neil Superfreak models, and Lululemons Namaste at the Beach short. So, you can find boardshorts for lower than $100 that offer a similar range of motion.


The most unique aspect of any Hurley Hyperweave boardshort is the woven waistband. The Hyperweave waist band is incredibly light weight and comfortable. In short, the waistband features Nike flywires running laterally through the waist band. These are fixed in place and cannot be tightened, but they do allow for more freedom of movement than a normal boardshort. Don’t worry, the black mesh near the laces stretches for a slight level of adjustability. As a result, these baggies slide on like a gym short and are incredibly comfortable. Got a sensitive trouser snake? Looking for a boardshorts that won’t give you a rash? These are probably your only hope.


There is a $50.00 difference between the standard Hurley Hyperweave Motion Stripe and the Elite version. So, one naturally wonders is it worth spending the extra money for the elite version? Personally, if someone made me choose, I would go with the standard simply because the standard version (100$) has the pocket on the side, whereas the pocket on the Elite version seems to be more toward the rear, like a back pocket. This may be different for you, if you really like having a back pocket, then choose the elite version.

The Elite Hyperweave Motion Stripes also feature critically taped seams. This reduces the overall weight of the short by .3 ounces. This doesn’t make a huge difference in the performance of the short, but it does make them look significantly cooler. These shorts just plain look awesome. I was very surprised with how impressive these shorts really are in person.


  • The taped seams make this boardshort look supreme.
  • The black colorway isn’t plain black. It has some killer style to it.
  • They are a modern day rad short that slide on like stretchy dad shorts.
  • The overall style is mucho fuego. Bonitas dig them.
  • The fit is secure enough to surf in, wear around town, and pump iron at the gym.
  • These may be the BEST SURF BOARDSHORT FOR CROSSFIT EVER. Forget Reebok’s wannabe “boardshorts.” I will follow up with a separate Blog post on this topic soon.
  • The length is above the knee. I prefer on the knee or above.
  • Construction: the overall durability and construction is great, just be cautious when washing/ drying these due to the taped seams.


  • I really wish I was getting a little more out of this boardshort. I believe we should be getting 2 pockets for this price point.
  • I also wish there were more unique colorways available here, for example black with neon accents.
  • The fit on the 2017 model is tighter than previous 2016 hyperweaves. Personally I am ok with it; I like my shorts to be snug. However, they can be difficult to get in to with dry or wet skin. However, they are very easy to get in to if you choose to wear compression shorts underneath.
  • You can feel these boardshorts pull or “balloon” when you duck dive under the wave.
  • You must buy the correct size. Be sure to try them on. If you are on the fence, size down (choose the smaller size option for you).
  • Don’t worry about buying “the most expensive or best” hyperweaves. Choose the pair that tapers to your personal style and pocket needs.
  • These boardshorts showcase everything you are packing inside (yer Johnson). I usually don’t wear compression shorts when I surf, but I do wear compression shorts when I am in public, or at the gym. However, the Elite boardshorts are slightly less revealing because they are black in color.


  • Overall Score: 10/10- I think anyone would love a pair of the Hurley Hyperweaves in general.
  • Fabric: 10/10- The fabric here is 86% recycled polyester/14% spandex and it is very stretchy and durable.
  • Weight: 10/10- My pair is size 30 and weighs 5.1 ounces. The weight of this boardshort is acceptable considering the 6-panel construction. Further, this is .3 ounces lighter than the standard version. In general, anything under 6 ounces is light weight.  For reference, the original Hurley Phantom Hyperweave was 4.7 ounces.
  • Waistband: 9/10- The Hyperweave waist band is amazing. They slide on like gym shorts. However, occasionally this soft fabric can snag on rough surfaces. For example, skateboard grip tape would rough these up.
  • Pocket: 8/10- The construction of the zipper pocket is great. However, I am not a fan of the orientation. The pocket looks to be on the side of the short, but is actually more toward the rear. I simply don’t like back pockets because I don’t want to sit on my wax or wallet. Considering the additional cost for the short, I would prefer to have 2 pockets if possible (one side, and one back).
  • Fly: 10/10-There is no fly!
  • Rash Factor: Your chances of getting a rash in these is slim to none.
  • Cling Factor: 5/5 people are going to see what you are working with. If this is a concern for you, grab some of Hurley’s compression shorts. ORRRRR tape that mother down!
  • Style: 10/10.The black on black color combination looks really cool, and the taped seams look incredible on this short. The pictures on the web simply do not do these shorts justice.
  • Size/ Fit: This can be tricky. I like to wear my boardshorts high on my waist. Normally, I wear a size 30 (weighting 150 lbs.), and I have a size 30 in these as well. If you like to sag your boardshorts, or like wear them low on your hips to show off your hard earned Vag Magnet, then size down a size or two. You can’t sag these. Ultimately, I would suggest try a pair on before purchasing them.
  • Value for Money: (7/10) These boardshorts are pretty great, but 150$ is a ton of money for most people. If you need to save a few bucks, get the standard version. The only difference is the pocket placement and taped seams. Or consider the Hurley Phantom Motion Stripe which offers the same functionality, but does not feature the Hyperweave waist band.

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