Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 Weave Reviews

The long anticipate Reebok Crossfit Nano 7 Weave is here! I received my pair on Friday June 16, 2017 and they are epic! Now that I have been wearing these for 2 weeks straight, I think I am ready to give my full review on these. To watch the video, click here.

Initial Thoughts:

When I first received my Nano 7s I was more than impressed with the style and comfort. I really liked the way the plastic fibers of the shoe are woven together. I think this gives Reebok the ability to create some really cool color combos and I hope the get creative with it. I compared these to my Nike Metcon 3s and my Reebok Nano 6s and found that these were the heaviest of them all. They were also much more rigid.  These concerned me at first, but I figured I should start putting them to use before making a judgement call. Click here and watch my unboxing video for more information on this topic.

  • Fit – Fits as expected, but a little looser than my Nike Metcon 3s. I wear an 8 in both.
  • Style – These are really stylish, I keep getting compliments on them. However, I believe they are a bit too snazzy for every day use.
  • Feels Durable -The material feels strong and durable.
  • Very Breathable – These feel very breathable compared to my Nano 6s and Nike Metcon 3s.

Two weeks later:

After two weeks of use I have decided I really like these shoes, but I was not able to keep them because they started to fall apart after day 3. In essence the white heal of the shoe started to peel for no apparent reason. This is probably simply because they missed a spot in the gluing process, but I had to return the shoes for this reason. Luckily Reebok was really cool about it and gave me a full refund with no hassle. I will most likely buy another pair once they come out with an all black version.

Here are the aspects I really liked about the Reebok Nano 7 Weave.

  • Light Weight – Although the Reebok N7W is technically heavier than the Nano 6 and Metcon 3, it still feels very light weight and nimble. The differences are only ounces.
  • Feels Breathable – Compared to my Metcon 3s, I felt a bit cooler in the Nano 7 Weave.
  • Flexible – The shoe started to break in pretty quickly and felt flexible enough for almost all activities.
  • Better for running than expected – I compared the Nano 7 side by side with the Nike Metcon 3 and the felt pretty much the same. However, the Nano 7 seemed to have more give or cushion with each step. Maybe it had more bounce. Again, it was hard to tell a difference. Note my test for this was to run over a bridge with each style of shoe once, then run over the bridge again with a Metcon 3 on 1 foot, and the Nano 7 on the other.
  • Stable Heal – I believe these offer a very stable heal for weight lifting. I reached a new personal record in these shoes on the first day!
  • Less Crossfit Logos – I like that the “Crossfit” logos and branding are small and hidden on this shoe. However, the logo in the sole of the shoe started to wear away after a few days…

Here are some aspects to consider.

  • Feels less secure in the toes – The nano 7 weave is less snug than my Nike Metcon 3s. After wearing the N7W for 2 weeks straight, I was surprised at how secure my feat felt to be in my Nike Metcon 3s again. Specifically, the toe box of the Nano 7 weave is just plain looser.
  • Fabric folding – The fabric on the top of the toe box seems to wrinkle or fold over itself when doing jump ropes. This isn’t bothersome, but you can feel it. I think this is due to the lateral weaving across the shoe. This can be seen in my Day 1 WOD video. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think this shoe is a 9/10 and pretty excellent. I think any Crossfitter or average gym Joe would benefit from having a pair. Maybe these are the best weight lifting training shoe on the market!? As long as you don’t plan to run more than a mile, you should be good to go for whatever your workout may throw at you.

Looking for where to buy? I would choose For their excellent customer service.

I have a few Video Reviews Out for this shoe so far:

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Reebok Nano 7 Weave Review

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